The Clear and Simple Way

Judith Indira Parsons, MSW

The limited person you believe you are exists only in your 
wrong thinking. Find out what is false and what is real appears.

Judith Indira Parsons, MSW

The Clear and Simple Way

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The Clear and Simple Way School

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"And I will show you that there is no imperfection in the past, and can be none in the future. And I will show you that whatever happens to anybody, it may be turned to beautiful results."  These words by the poet Walt Whitman* express the essence of The Clear and Simple Way and can be applied to your own life. Feel free to contact me for an appointment or questions

The Clear and Simple Way School
A Course in Spiritual & Practical Studies
from the comfort of your own home
in the comfort of your heart.

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*The quote above by Walt Whitman is from "Leaves of Grass."

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