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Judith A. Parsons, MSW aka Indira

International Seminar Leader



The Clear and Simple Way School

The Clear & Simple Way School
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The Clear and Simple Way School
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Nature Course 1: Must be completed to register for Part 1

Nature Course 2: Now in progress

Grow closer to your true nature by growing closer to nature and nature spirits. 

Nature Angel Course Part 1 - Read more

Begins December 3, 2019 - $69.00

Nature Angel Course Part 2 - Read more
Begins February 14, 2020 - $69.00


"And I will show you that there is no imperfection in the past, and can be none in the future. And I will show you that whatever happens to anybody, it may be turned to beautiful results."t—Walt Whitman, 'Leaves of Grass'
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